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Confessions of a teenage emo queen

OMG ::sniff:: sniff:: I am so devastated I cannot look as HAWT as Anna Nicole Smith..... I think I need a Kleenex. Every time I see her sXe face, my self-esteem lowers, and I listen to postal service.... My self-esteem keeps lowering...I blame the media... As I speak to you right now I have received an ad for VIGEL!!!! The ad says Enhance your romance with vigel, it intensifies orgasm and stimulates the feminine "suess" if you get my drift... I have no one to share that special romance with. How am I supposed to enhance my romance, when I don't have one? Oh whyyyyyy?!?!?!?! Why me? My Suess will never be penetrated!!!!!!

Sexually frustrated,

P.S. If anyone has any HAWT advice let me know...ya heard me?
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