Ivana Tinkle (winged_creature) wrote in emocrew,
Ivana Tinkle

sorry im never here.
lets seeee emonesssss
today was kinda crapy, but got better.
i fucking hate everyone, humans are bleehhh i cant even find a word. im writting a paper on the distruction of the human race. ya know you kills it? humans!!!!
i hate me too.

i want to be a normal size!!!
i get the fucking point god!! let me be ok with myself, let me move on. i understand, i know what to do and what im not suppost to do with my body.
mann, i just wanna be happy, with myself. so i can have a life. i know i say dating is over rated, and im too young, but im still human. i still need affection. im too young to be having sex, not dating. grrr. i wont allow myself to anything of the sort til im not a fat ass..
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